R & D

Therapeutic Programs

International Stem Cell Corporation is focused on treating incurable diseases using stem cell derived cells.
The treatment of Parkinson's disease using neural stem cells derived from human parthenogenetic stem cells
Parkinson's disease effects 4% of the popultion over 50 years old and is the second most prevalent neurodegenerative diseases.  The etiology of the disease and the relative localization in the brain make this an attractive target for stem cell therapy.
ISCO scientists are focused on deriving neuronal cells and have developed a method of creating pure populations of cells suitable for implantation. 
The treatment of liver disease with stem cell derived hepatocytes
Chronic liver disease (including hepatitis C) is the third most common cause of death due to chronic diseases in persons 35 to 64 years old. Diseases such as cirrhosis and hepatitis were ranked as the twelfth leading cause of death in 2000. Estimates of yearly direct health care costs for chronic and acute liver disease in the U.S. alone range from $60 billion to over $100 billion.
ISCO's scientific team are focused on developing better methods to create pure populations of hepatocyte that could be used in transplantation using HLA homozygous parthenogenetic stem cell lines to avoid the cells being immune rejected.
The treatment of blindness with corneal tissue
There are approximately ten million people in the world who are blind because they have damaged their cornea. This represents a large unmet medical need, mostly in the developing world.  There is also the opportunity to develop corneas as a research product for the drug testing market.
Scientists at ISCO have developed and filed patents on a process that creates human corneal tissue from parthenogenetic stem cells. The tissue closely resembles a human cornea in structure and cell types.
It is anticipated that this program will be commercialized through ISCO's subsidiary in India in partnership with the Insight Bioventures, India.
Stem Cell Bank Development
The expansion of our bank of parthenogenetic stem cell lines is critical to the success of our therapeutic programs.  We continue to enroll egg donors and optimize our methodology for the creation of additional HLA homozygous lines. 

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